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Welcome to Shaggy Chic!

Here, at Shaggy Chic Dog Grooming Salon, we strive to provide the highest quality of service to both you and your dogs. We offer a fun and comfortable environment, so that your pet may be able to relax and enjoy his or her grooming experience.

Our groomers are talented, compassionate, and knowledgeable, and will provide the very best for your pet, each and every time. We are always seeking to learn and to stay on top of industry trends, so that we can confidently give you, our customers, the very best there is to offer.

We specialize in all breeds, coat types, and sizes. From Chihuahuas to Great Danes, from Pit Bulls to Poodles, we groom them all!

  • Welcome to Shaggy Chic! Welcome to Shaggy Chic!
  • Kim's grooming area Kim's grooming area
  • Second grooming area Second grooming area
  • Princess Princess
  • Harley Harley
  • Nicky Nicky
  • Trek Trek
  • Moose Moose Smiling for the camera
  • Maya and Bree Maya and Bree
  • Trek and Moose Trek and Moose
  • Freckles Freckles
  • Bathing Station Bathing Station
  • Kennel Drying area Kennel Drying area Our kennel dryer has no heating element in it at all, and only uses room temperature air to slowly circulate around any damp, still drying dog.
  • You had me at Woof :) You had me at Woof :)
  • Kamiko Kamiko
  • Bailey Bailey Bailey is dyed purple (with a Vegan, non-toxic dye of course) to show his support for Cancer Research!
  • Ryder Ryder
  • Kylo Kylo
  • Molly and Toby Molly and Toby
  • Sugar Sugar
  • Sophie Sophie
  • Ohmie Ohmie
  • Musky Musky
  • Molly Molly
  • Mingus Mingus
  • Tiffany and Izzy Tiffany and Izzy
  • Lacey Lacey
  • Henry Henry
  • Emma Lee Emma Lee
  • Debo Debo
  • Molly Molly
  • Trigga Trigga
  • Sadie Mae Sadie Mae
  • Oscar Oscar
  • Dexter Dexter
  • Bella Rose Bella Rose
  • Annie Annie

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